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HELLO! I'm Courtney. I'm so happy to have you here.

I'm a colour loving, hard of hearing (HoH) earring designer, who helps people from all walks of life express themselves freely through my vibrant handmade earrings.
I bring people together through the celebration of colour, creative expression and desire for knowledge to create a more inclusive, accepting world for all.

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Mother's Day

Make Mother's Day unforgettable with our handcrafted flluskë studs. Show her your love and appreciation with a gift that's as special as she is!

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flluskë signature studs

It's no secret that everyone loves our flluskë studs!

Our stud earrings are large enough to be noticed, small enough to be lightweight, and come in a classic circle shape that’ll never go out of style.

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memorable gifts

A clever, creative gift idea that takes the stress out of gift giving.

An Eco friendly, cotton lined jewellery box containing a pair of gorgeous flluskë studs, displayed on a thoughtful message card of your choice.

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flluske Studs with Plastic Backings

If you or someone you love has allergies to metal, order a pair of flluske Studs with Plastic backings!


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Pk 10 Butterfly Earring Backs

Have flluske Studs with no clasps?

This little bag of Surgical Steel earring backings will be handy to have in your jewellery box!

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Lost An Earring?

Make your single flluske Stud a happy pair again by ordering a replacement!

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