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Pinchapoo - $550 raised!!!
Pinchapoo - $550 raised!!!
Pinchapoo - $550 raised!!!

Pinchapoo - $550 raised!!!

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Pinchapoo flluskë earrings are now up for Pre-Order for the next two weeks. (Closes 6th November, 2019)

$10 from each pair of Pinchapoo ‘Winnie’ Earrings goes directly to the Pinchapoo Schools Hygiene Support Program. 

 ** PLEASE NOTE: If you order other items in the flluskë collection with your Pre-Order, they will not be sent out to you until your Pinchapoo earrings are created and ready to send out! **

What is the Schools Hygiene Support Program?

This program is available to schools in the lowest socioeconomic demographics in Australia, providing access for disadvantaged families to personal hygiene essentials.

1 in 5 children go without this access, which is vital to their life long foundations of self worth. The money raised from the sale of earrings will go towards the urgent expansion of this program.

Who is Pinchapoo...?

Pinchapoo (slang for pinch-a-shampoo) is proudly responsible for creating a cheeky hotel toiletry ‘pinching’ movement 10 years ago… and for good reason! You can read all about how it started here

The story of how Pinchapoo began is a remarkable one and was founded by Kate Austin. Read all about Kate's story.. you will be really moved, just as I was.