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DIY flluskë Earring Kit
DIY flluskë Earring Kit
DIY flluskë Earring Kit
DIY flluskë Earring Kit
DIY flluskë Earring Kit
DIY flluskë Earring Kit

DIY flluskë Earring Kit

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"After receiving your kit, you create your design, send your painted pieces back to me and I’ll turn them into beautiful, vibrant earrings for you to keep and wear forever!"



With our DIY earring kits, not only can you have some fun making and playing around with colour - at the end of it, you'll receive a beautiful package in the mail containing a stunning pair of earrings that you designed yourself!


Each DIY Kit allows you to make yourself TWO pair of earrings and arrives containing:

  • 8 wooden discs to paint (allowing for practice & mistakes – they happen to everyone!)
  • Instructions on what to do.
  • A kit to send your painted creations back to the studio for completion including a postage paid envelope, addressed to us. (You won’t even need to enter the post office!)

What you’ll need:

  • Paints, glitter, textas or sharpies and ink pens. Anything you like really – just not oil pastels - the resin won't stick to it.
  • Small paint brushes or any other small tools for painting with and PVA glue for the glitter - if you’re using it.
  • A bundle of enthusiasm and an open mind to create something you've never done before!

Suitable for adults and children aged 10+


 Let's get MAKING!

If you’re curious to learn more about our DIY Kits, check out our video to get a more in-depth view into how easy they are to use and complete here


  • Your DIY Kit will be mailed out as a standard letter - there is no tracking number provided.
  • Send your finished creations back to the studio using the envelope provided.
  • Your completed earrings mailed out to you, and a tracking number will be provided for your records.
  • Due to small parts - this DIY Kit is NOT suitable for children under the age of 10 years.
  • Sending as a gift? If you'd like a note included in your parcel, please email Courtney to let her know what you'd like written - hello@flluske.com