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• The flluskë story •

flluskë earrings are designed and hand crafted by me, Courtney, from Warragul, Victoria.

Hello! I'm Courtney..the maker of flluskë earrings. I have a moderate to severe hearing loss, which is how flluskë came to be!

At the time when I first began creating these earrings, I was working in an office job and it became incredibly difficult for me to work effectively because of the noise levels. I was shocked when I received no support from my managers when I asked them for help. I faced unexpected narrow mindedness and intolerance because of my hearing loss.

The lack of support and negative attitudes from my managers was devastating and I hit a very low point in my life. I felt useless and that I had nothing to offer anyone. It made me feel badly about my disability and doubt who I was as a person. I became so stressed that I resigned.

In an attempt to make myself feel more positive about my ears and build my confidence back up again, I began making earrings.

I wanted to create something special for myself that made my ears look beautiful and to hopefully change the way that I felt about my hearing loss. It worked! After seeing my earrings, my friends and family started placing orders and without even really planning it, my business was born!

Initially, I didn’t want people to see that I was the person behind creating these earrings. However, after a life-changing meeting with Sallie Jones and Kelly Koochew from Honeypot Creative Solutions, they urged me to embrace my hearing loss and share my story of flluskë and how it came to be.

I was terrified of telling people about my story, especially when it came to sharing about my hearing loss. I was worried they wouldn’t like me and wouldn’t buy my earrings. But it had the opposite affect!! The messages of support came flooding in and new connections, with others sharing their own hearing loss stories, were formed. It was a magical time in my life!

I am proud to say that flluskë is now my full time job and I have a studio space in Warragul. To date, I have 11 stockists and also sell my earrings all over the world from my website.

I am now a hearing loss awareness advocate and public speaker, and also use my social media platforms to educate others and raise awareness on hearing loss. I advocate for deaf people and the things they need in the community to access information they need to feel included.

I use paint, pastels and ink to create beautiful, vibrantly coloured earrings that are unique and fun to wear. flluskë earrings were made for me to celebrate my ears as a thing of beauty. The colours make me feel happy and I experience real joy in wearing them. They boost my mood and make me feel confident.

I hope they have exactly the same affect on you too..! x