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Welcome to my new store!


Thank you so much for stopping by!

As you will know, I have just launched my new website and I'm so excited. It's bright and beautiful in here and I hope you will love it just as much as I do. Over the next few weeks I'll be adding lots more colours, including some new shades I've been working on too, so stay tuned!

I got back from my Christmas break a few days ago after spending 10 days at Eden in NSW with my family. It was so lovely to spend time together.. swimming every day, fishing (my son is mad about it!), sinking my toes into the warm, soft sand and breathing in the beautiful salty beach air. There were some absolutely stunning sunsets I was lucky enough to be able to take photos of too.. isn't Mother Nature amazing..?!



Although I did a lot of relaxing and sleeping in (which is unusual for me... I must have really needed it!), it was also a fantastic time for me to reflect on what was an absolutely huge year for me in 2017. I learned SO much about myself and my business, met some incredible people and heard some inspirational stories from my customers and people I got chatting to in my travels (you guys really are courageous and amazing!). It was also a time for me to set my goals for 2018, jot down heaps of notes and draw up some design ideas I have for new products this year. I have a feeling it's going to be an exciting year!

I hope you enjoy your shopping experience here. Feel free to drop me a line or two to say hello or to give me some feedback on your earrings.. I love hearing from you!

Til next time, keep smiling and always remember to love your ears!

- Courtney x

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