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New Connections

It’s so great to find a group of people you can relate to, who share a common lived experience as you and who understand the things you go through every day.

I love it when I unexpectedly meet someone who is also deaf and we start chatting about our hearing loss experiences. That ‘Yes!!! I know exactly how you feel... I have that too!’ moment is so awesome! For me, it’s a relief to know that someone else gets it. That I’m not alone.

Finding a group of people with hearing loss, to socialise and connect with, is something I’ve struggled to find over the years. In small country towns, they’re practically non existent!

I don’t belong in the Deaf community, because I still have some hearing. I don’t use sign language, so I can’t communicate with those who do.

I don’t really belong in the hearing world either, because I often can’t fully participate in various activities or access information given at events and workshops. This is due to the lack of subtitles, Live Captioning services or speakers not using microphones during their presentations.

So, where DO I fit.....? 

I want to create an opportunity for people with hearing loss, in Gippsland, to meet up and create new friendships!

Having some fun, sharing ideas & information and being able to chat to others with hearing loss in common is something I really need. I’m sure there must be others out there who feel the same way too!

I’d love to get something organised soon! If you’re interested, leave me a comment on what you think or, send me an email at  You can even share this blog with a friend who you think may be keen.

You never know who might be searching for the same thing I am.

Chat soon,

Courtney xx

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