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New flluskë colours arriving soon!

These past few weeks have been a time for reflection, planning and lots of ideas swirling around this head of mine. What's bought all this on..? Well, in 9 days time, I will have been working in my biz for a year (Yay!!) and on a full time basis too!

A year ago, I gave up my job for two reasons.. there were some pretty big things happening in my family that I needed to focus on and there were just not enough hours in my day to work AND keep up with all the orders that were coming in! My business seemed to have outgrown my little workspace in the corner of my bedroom and it was time to make the decision whether to focus on my job, or devote my time to my passion... and yup! You guessed it... I chose flluskë!

So, I've decided to change things up a bit.. to keep things fresh for you guys (and for me!) and have been busy creating some NEW colours to release on the website soon. This also (sadly) means that there are quite a few flluskë colours that will need to be discontinued to make room for the new colours on the block! So exciting!!

Some of our faves will be staying (Gatsby, Piglet, Winter & Star, to name a few) but most will be going. If there is a design or colour that you love, make sure you place your order before it's too late! 

I've also decided that, rather than everything being made to order, that I will always have stock made and available, ready to be posted out once an order is placed. After all - who wants to wait for their goodies when they can have them within a few days instead?!

I know I would!!

Running things this way will free me up to work on some other exciting projects that I'm keen to make a start on - more new products and public speaking engagements I'm interested in doing. Public speaking is something I'm absolutely terrified of but, like many other things my business has forced me to do, its such an amazing feeling when you face and conquer things you're afraid of. 
So... that's all the news from the flluske studio at the moment..! I will let you know when the new colours are released here on the website. For those of you who would like a list of colours that are going to be discontinued, please get in contact with me and I'll be happy to send it through to you!

Til next time, keep smiling and always remember:

"Sometimes our abilities (and disabilities) aren't always obvious or visible..
Be kind, always."

Chat soon! Courtney xx





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