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Being inspired rather than influenced.

Serena is a woman I really admire.

Her business 'Speak Out Social Studio' is an absolutely brilliant one and I had the chance to work with her earlier in the year. She is 100% behind the idea of genuinely supporting other women in business (paying them on time, purchasing their products and using their services - no freebies allowed!) and is an absolute whiz when it comes to all things Business and Social Media. 

Anyhow! She put up a really thought provoking post.

Here it is:


Personally, this quote really resonates with me and I think it's important to stop and have a good think about it. Being 'influenced' makes me feel like I'm encouraged to just 'follow the flock.'

Fit the mould.

Be like everyone else.


Why do people want to look and be like the other five people standing beside them...?! I absolutely love seeing people express themselves through fashion & colour; sharing their art and photography; telling their story through a unique style of music; their views and opinions in creative content; being different! Unafraid of being themselves. Doing what they do and not giving a shit about what anyone thinks.

I love stumbling across an amazing Instagram page where the creator makes their own incredible content that is totally different and unique, that shows their personalities and views. Things that make me laugh. Content that makes me think. Images that don't always look 'perfect'.

I love meeting people who are kind, who share their ideas and stories and who  challenge me. People who don't necessarily fit the 'norm' (what is normal, anyway..?) Who do things and live their lives in ways that change my perception of what I know, leaving me feeling like I too can achieve wonderful things in my own way.

For me, when things look the same, I find it boring. When people look like they've just walked out of the same fashion store and look like clones of each other, it doesn't spark any interest in me. I wish that more people would feel the confidence to just be themselves. To refuse to participate in what society tells them they should be doing.

So many of us strive to fit in, to have the same things that our friends and family own, so that we 'look the part'. We also think that these things will make us happy, when in fact it has the opposite effect. I don't want to fit in. Fitting in and feeling a sense of belonging are different things. For me, to 'fit in' means to be like the people that I actually don't want to be like. When I was younger, I used to look at these people and wonder what was wrong with me - why didn't they want to talk to me or be friends with me..? Now, however, I am SO glad they didn't - because I actually don't like who they are; both as people and in how they treat others. I prefer to be myself and show the world my authentic self. Stuff the idea of fitting in!

To me, being inspired means reading a story about someone or being around people who show me a different way and in turn, make me feel motivated to do good things and to be the best version of who I am.  This is much more appealing to me than just simply following along because it's fashionable. Because its trending, right now! Because I 'should'.

What do you think of Serena's post..? I would love to know if it's stirred something inside of you, like it did for me. Let me know in the comments below!

Chat soon,




  • Exactly!! Inspiring is allowing people to be themselves and to do things the way they want to. I think it’s such an important thing to encourage! Thank you for such a thought provoking post, Serena! I love how many people are talking about it. xx

  • Courtney this is exactly how I feel too! Like inspiring is allowing people to take their own action and influencing is telling people to do it a particulate way. I’ve had so many amazing conversations about this today. 💛

    Serena O’Brien

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